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Avoiding Newsworthy Hiring Mistakes

by | Jan 25, 2018

Credit: Nirali Patel

The recent controversy surrounding the Trump Administration’s 24-year Deputy Chief of Staff for the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) highlights the importance of pre-employment due diligence and background checks. At an absolute minimum, hiring managers should verify employment and education before onboarding a new employee. We have uncovered countless individuals who have outright lied about their education credentials or intentionally left gaps in their employment history because of unflattering events at those employers. Verifying employment and education information alone would have flagged Mr. Weyeneth for further review – and potentially avoided a very bad day in the press.

Why employment and education verification isn’t enough…

Photo by Ben Rosett on Unsplash

Other potential appointees withdrew from consideration because of problematic public comments and social media posts. Fortunately, derogatory content like this is possible to identify proactively. We thoroughly review publicly-available social media and online posts for derogatory content such as:

  • negative sentiment toward the client or the industry
  • illegal activity
  • sexually explicit activity
  • sexist, racist, or intolerant content
  • violence, bullying, or targeted aggression
  • politically charged content (upon request of the client)
  • other (upon request of the client)

Due diligence provides insight to a potential employee’s judgement.

Employers are entrusting new hires with confidential information, allowing them access to secure networks, and making decisions that impact the financial future of the company. Prior to doing so, an employer should know whether there are any red flags in their history (e.g., unpaid taxes, liens, or criminal records) that might speak to their judgement. We are seasoned at conducting reference checks with both listed and unlisted references such as colleagues, supervisors, or professors that can speak to the personal and professional conduct of a potential hire.

Gryphon Strategies is a leader in pre-employment due diligence.

With nearly 30 years of experience in due diligence and investigations, Gryphon Strategies is a leader in pre-employment due diligence. Our team can handle both comprehensive due diligence and high volume domestic and international background investigations to meet your pre-employment screening needs. Read more about our offerings here.

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