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Employee Spotlight: Megan Gregory – Senior Analyst

by | Aug 23, 2018

Megan Gregory, Senior Analyst for Gryphon Strategies, shares her experience in the Due Diligence team as part of our employee spotlight series.

Q: When did you start working at Gryphon, and how did you hear about the firm?

I’ve worked at Gryphon since March 2017 as an analyst, mostly on the due diligence team. I stumbled across Gryphon while searching for a career that would allow me to combine my Arabic language skills with my passion for research and continuous learning. Due diligence in a firm with international capabilities seemed to be a natural fit.

Q: You’ve now been a member of the Due Diligence, Investigations, and Data Mining teams. What differences did you observe in the work of each department?

To me, the most crucial difference between the Due Diligence, Investigations, and Data Mining teams is that the research focuses differently based on the goals of the client – whether the client is looking to ensure compliance and manage risk, evaluate the professional success of a potential partner, or evaluate the strength of a lawsuit. Each team requires a different outlook to step into the shoes of their client and target investigation. The most rewarding aspect of my role as an analyst switching between and collaborating with the three teams is exploring our work from a variety of perspectives.

Q: How did you learn Arabic and why? Are you considering learning other languages, and what languages do you already speak?

Right now I speak Arabic and Spanish. I began learning Arabic on a whim in high school, and then majored in Arabic at Washington University in St. Louis and did an eight-month study abroad in Amman, Jordan. But I can also code in R and SQL, which I use when programming for the data team. I’d love to learn another spoken language in the future – if I did, it would most likely be Farsi.

Q: How have you used your language skills at Gryphon?

I’ve used my reading skills in Arabic and Spanish to find records in foreign jurisdictions and to read foreign-language media relevant to our due diligence work and other investigations. I also listen to interviews and news coverage in these languages.

Q: What would you say to anyone interested in trying this work?

I would say that this type of work keeps you constantly exploring – looking deeply into different industries, investigating how new policies and significant events have affected certain markets and their key players, and reading into topics you’d never bothered to look at before. This work is highly rewarding for those who are curious.