Gryphon Strategies would like to spotlight our investment intelligence service, designed to equip investment funds, legal firms, family offices, and nonprofits with the information necessary to strengthen their portfolios, their partnerships, and their operations.  Utilizing public records, open-source materials, and human intelligence, we assess the subject’s fitness as a partner and positioning to achieve operational objectives.

Crucial components of our research include a deep-dive investigation into all public records presence, media coverage, performance history, corporate structures, and real asset holdings. While research is tailored to the needs of each client, our reports typically highlight the following considerations:

Company Intelligence: Operational Performance and Market Analytics

Assessment of Strategy and Operational Performance

Gryphon’s analysts present a clear evaluation of a company’s strategy and operational performance by benchmarking results against the stated objectives of its executives, website, and filings.  We also assess whether a company’s available human resources position it to achieve its objectives.

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Company Intelligence
Corporate Strategy
Operational History
Current Portfolio and Developing Projects
Human Capital
Market Visibility
Industry Position and Reputation
Corporate Partnerships

Evaluation of Industry Standing and Market Position

At the request of our clients, we conduct discreet consulting with industry experts, as well as a subject company’s consumers and business partners, to gain a vivid understanding of its strategy, market position, and reputation. Social media and browser analytics are utilized to illustrate a subject company’s consumer visibility and market penetration in relation to its competitors. This analysis demonstrates how the company interacts with customers and gauges the effectiveness of its marketing strategies.

Executive Intelligence: Career Trajectory and Industry Reputation

Assessment of the Individual’s Professional Record and Potential Strength as a Partner

Gryphon presents the personal profile of the subject executive to assess his or her strength as a potential partner, placing focus on the subject’s character traits, financial habits, and lifestyle. We analyze whether the subject individual has achieved the objectives related to their job performance through an in-depth look at their professional record. At the client’s request, we also consult with former colleagues and business partners to present an individual’s reputation within their industry, as well as their performance and character in a professional environment.

Executive Intelligence
Career Trajectory and Job Performance
Lifestyle and Character Traits
Compensation History
Financial Habits
Corporate Affiliations
Industry Reputation