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NY Attorney General Data Director Joins Gryphon Strategies as Managing Director

by | Dec 18, 2017

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Lacey Keller to Develop New Data Mining & Analytics Team

(New York, December 18, 2017) Lacey Keller has joined Gryphon Strategies as a Managing Director and will direct Gryphon’s newest service area, Data Mining and Analytics. In an ever-changing investigatory landscape, for over 25 years, Gryphon Strategies has completed thousands of assignments in the U.S. and around the world. Evolving to meet client needs, Gryphon is announcing a new service, Data Mining and Analytics as part of their ongoing effort to acquire, and analyze information beneficial to litigation, due diligence, and investigations. In combining structured and unstructured data from disparate sources, Gryphon expects to develop even more robust insights for its clients.

Gryphon Strategies’ Data Mining and Analytics team will help clients sift through and leverage disparate information to support due diligence cases, fraud investigations, and litigation engagements. The team will assist clients with varying data needs including writing data requests and providing support during discovery, extracting and merging data from multiple sources, understanding fact patterns/hotspots/outliers, and calculating damages. The team can also work with clients to solve more difficult problems such as developing complex network analyses through graphical databases and building predictive models using artificial intelligence.

Tom Willingham, Gryphon’s CEO and Founder said, “Investigations have changed radically since the turn of the century and at Gryphon we keep pace by continually thinking out of the box. As information becomes more accessible, the use of data analytics will be essential to our clients in years ahead.”

Jay Dawdy, Gryphon’s President said, “We are very pleased to have Lacey join Gryphon Strategies. Her unique skill set in research and data analytics and the application of those tools in high stakes litigation engagements, corporate fraud cases, and intelligence gathering will serve our clients well into the future.”

Lacey was previously the Director of Research and Analytics for the New York State Office of the Attorney General. During her tenure, she developed a formidable team that leveraged cutting-edge technologies and analytical techniques to support investigations. Her department was the first of any attorney general’s office in the country to hire a data scientist. Her team was instrumental in many of the most notable cases brought by the Office of the Attorney General, including cases brought against Spectrum (Time Warner Cable) for allegedly defrauding customers over internet speeds and performance as well as successful litigation brought against the landlord Steven Croman for harassing tenants, UPS for shipping untaxed cigarettes, an Amazon delivery contractor for unpaid wages, and a trucking company for dumping contaminated construction waste in a public park. Lacey holds a Master of Economics from the New School and a Bachelor of Business Administration from Washburn University.

Gryphon Strategies offers a variety of services, including litigation support services, fraud investigations, and due diligence investigations. Gryphon’s litigation support and investigations team has years of experience in successfully executing investigations relating to whistleblower cases, asset traces, complex civil and criminal allegations, consumer, corporate and insurance fraud rings and schemes, investment frauds, product liability, conflicts of interest, employment litigation, tortious business claims and other cases. Gryphon’s due diligence team supports investment banks, private equity firms, sovereign wealth funds, fund of funds, and other clientele with pre-deal due diligence.

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