Our investigation staff is comprised of an array of accomplished professionals who are instrumental in the consistent delivery of meaningful research and investigation results. Our team’s devotion and ongoing development make Gryphon an effective partner in an array of projects across the globe.

Gryphon investigators have varied backgrounds and language capabilities that enable the firm to stand out as the go-to provider for our diverse client base. With the ability to conduct investigations in more than 30 languages, Gryphon’s services are designed to be global in nature and exceed clients’ expectations. Our talented investigation staff serves to ensure that our clients can count on receiving reliable services unconstrained by language or geographical boundaries.

In addition to our in-house team of investigators, Gryphon has a worldwide investigative network that is regularly dispatched to conduct in-country, onsite research and investigations. Our partners have been carefully vetted and entrusted to provide findings that require the knowledge and experience of native speakers and professionals who understand the idiosyncrasies and unique practices of the diverse jurisdictions in which they operate.

“Our Client has the full report you prepared and has gone back to Japan to consult with corporate. The work product you produced was excellent and very impressive. Thanks for your outstanding help.”
- Major West Coast law firm representing a corporate client contemplating an acquisition in Asia.