Our Services

Gryphon works closely with our legal client base to develop facts and witnesses vital to advancing legal arguments. We take a methodical approach to each case in order to find information and ensure that our clients’ assertions are properly supported. We have a proven record in unravelling complex business matters, interviewing difficult witnesses, developing evidence, and exposing conflicts of interest, schemes and other key issues.

Gryphon’s due diligence team supports investment banks, private equity firms, sovereign wealth funds, and other clientele in assessing various transactions, investments and compliance needs. Over the last two decades, Gryphon has delivered actionable intelligence for these deal makers through our comprehensive background investigations. Our global due diligence network is supported by an array of in-house language skills and international expertise. Gryphon stands out as a leader when it comes to assessing risk and facilitating informed investment-related decisions.

Gryphon’s team of professional investigators is dedicated to investigating instances of fraud on behalf of our clients and performing other complex investigations. Following on our founder’s 30-year career in fraud investigations, Gryphon serves as the premier service provider to an array of corporate, insurance, and legal clients who rely on Gryphon to solve problems, gather intelligence and strategically deliver the facts. Our investigations have assisted in unwinding international fraud cases, as well as finding key evidence and intelligence and recovering assets in a variety of matters.

High stakes litigation and fraud detection often involve huge productions of data, communications, documents, and third-party expert reports. Gryphon’s data team is trained in acquiring, combining, and analyzing information to uncover fact-patterns for our clients by using both traditional and cutting-edge data science techniques. Gryphon Strategies helps its clients sift through and leverage disparate information to support due diligence cases, fraud investigations, and litigation engagements.

Gryphon’s investment intelligence team equips clients with the information necessary to strengthen their portfolios, their partnerships, and their operations. Our work, designed to strengthen transactions and partnerships, has served a broad clientele including investment funds, legal firms, family offices, and nonprofits.

Gryphon’s social media investigations team uses data analytics, caching, and network mapping techniques to provide deep-dive analysis of public and private social media profiles. Gryphon also offers tools and seminars for reputation management and social media best practices.

Gryphon leverages its expertise and in-country networks, to provide geopolitical and economic insight relevant to our clients’ proposed and existing investments. To enable our clients to navigate unfamiliar markets and safeguard business continuity and personnel, we offer: country and/or regional political risk monitoring; bespoke, pre-transaction macro political and economic forecasting; and travel advice and cultural awareness training.

“We were impressed by the professionalism and personalized service by the Gryphon Strategies team. We got accurate answers quickly and the Gryphon team also provided advice for next steps.”

– Elise Whang, Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Snobswap