Gryphon Strategies, an international firm, offers worldwide political and economic risk advisory services. With over 30 languages in house and experience operating in over 100 countries, Gryphon leverages its expertise and in-country networks, to provide geopolitical and economic insight relevant to our clients’ proposed and existing investments.

To help our clients navigate unfamiliar markets and to safeguard business continuity and personnel, Gryphon offers a range of advisory services: country and/or regional political risk monitoring; bespoke, pre-transaction macro political and economic forecasting; and travel advice and cultural awareness training.

Subscription Monitoring Services

Monthly Review of Political Developments

Gryphon provides a monthly summary of the major political and economic developments in the target jurisdiction, together with an assessment of the implications for political, economic and security stability. Our regional experts are available by phone to further discuss matters of interest arising from the reporting. We also provide ‘flash reporting’ on developments of significant relevance, as they arise.

Bespoke Political Risk Analysis

Pre-Transaction Assessments

Gryphon provides in depth analysis of the political, economic and regulatory environment, together with short, medium and long term forecasting, to inform investment decision-making. We also provide advice to mitigate any residual political or security risks to proposed investments. For example, we offer advice on secure locations for commercial premises or accommodation.

Strategic Intelligence

Leveraging our in-country networks, Gryphon gathers information to answer any question relating to the political, economic or regulatory environment. Typical questions relate to the likelihood and implications of: changes to the constitution and/or local investment laws; national and local elections; major government initiatives; and anticipated government tenders. Gryphon also offers investment/tender specific stakeholder mapping to inform clients’ engagement strategies.

Travel Advice

Travel Advice and Cultural Awareness Training

Gryphon Strategies offers travel advice and travel safety and cultural awareness training to corporates, high net worth individuals and family offices, among others. Our training satisfies employers’ duty of care obligations to travelling employees and provides comfort through security awareness and cultural understanding to those traveling.

“Gryphon has done great work for me and my clients. They are very professional and responsive. Gryphon has been invested in the work, understood the goals of the litigation, and helped us achieve those goals.”

- Donald Pearce, Principal, Pearce Law Firm. Former prosecutor, Manhattan DA’s Office.