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Brazil’s Recent Past a Challenge to Winning ESG Credibility
As investors continue to take issues of environmental, social and governance seriously, The Wall Street Journal reports on how Brazilian companies striving to attract global investors face challenges, because of the country’s recent history of corruption, inequality and deforestation….
SPACs Attack — A New Force is Invading Wall Street
Since investors backing SPACs put up their money months before an acquisition target is identified, trusting the people running the show to find a good deal is paramount. We at Gryphon perform comprehensive due diligence to ensure they have the ability to execute for our clients….
FBI Increasingly Probes for Corruption Overseas
The FBI continues to expand its international corruption unit teams to pursue those involved in crimes such as bribery, kleptocracy and antitrust. The Bureau’s Miami squad shows how they are enforcing the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act….
Pablo E. Gil de Montes joins Gryphon Strategies as Managing Director
Pablo will be based in Washington, DC as a strategic advisor to help Gryphon’s legal, corporate and financial clients; he will be responsible for building new relationships with AmLaw 200 firms, corporations and financial firms in the Washington, Miami and Latin American markets….
FinCEN Files Leak Reveals that Banks Need to Conduct Enhanced Due Diligence
In wake of the FinCen files investigation, GRYPHON’s Fizza Naqvi explores how enhanced due diligence can help banks crack down on illicit money flows and avoid reputational risk….
European Union to set up Anti-Money Laundering Body
The European Union will set up a body that fights money laundering for 27 nations, creating a supervisory role with direct powers over a select number of high-risk obliged entities….
Gryphon Strategies Acquires Cowley Advisory Group
Exciting news—our acquisition of Los Angeles based Cowley Advisory Group adds depth of experience in conducting complex investigations and supplements our long-standing strength in business intelligence and litigation support….
Secret Documents Show How North Korea Launders Money Through U.S. Banks
Secret documents reveal that North Korea launders money through US banks to skirt sanctions, revealing the need for banks to continue to improve anti-money laundering (AML) and know your customers (KYC) measures….
Regulations for Monitoring Accounts for Foreign Official Reemphasized
US federal regulatory agencies remind financial institutions to follow well-established due diligence and anti-money laundering rules to monitor the risks of potential illegal activity by politically exposed persons….

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