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In litigation, the legal team’s ability to discover and leverage disparate and hard to uncover evidence and intelligence to support its case is paramount. Gryphon offers end-to-end support services that help our legal clients gain that decided edge. Gryphon’s veteran investigators collaborate across disciplines and practice groups, leveraging research, investigative, human intelligence, and data mining and analytics resources to deliver powerful results for our legal partners. We have global reach through both in-house language expertise and a worldwide network of on-the-ground investigators to provide case enhancing intelligence and insight in the most challenging and complex jurisdictions.

Gryphon’s Litigation Support teams have significant experience across a diverse array of practice areas, and we are privileged to have worked with the majority of Am Law 200 firms.

Case Studies

Investigation Empowers Asset Manager to Seize Assets from Property Developer in Default on a Large Loan

A Brazilian asset management client contracted Gryphon to investigate the assets of a prominent Brazilian real estate developer that had defaulted on a large loan to which the asset manager was a creditor.

An initial investigation and review of records in Brazil found that the developer was heavily in debt and appeared to have no assets against which to collect. However, a review of social media postings for the developer and his family uncovered a possible connection to a condominium unit located in New York. 

Investigating further, Gryphon identified a web of corporations that the developer had established in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico which were actively involved in the purchase and sale of tens of millions of dollars’ worth of real estate. 

After presenting these findings to the civil court in Brazil, Gryphon’s client received authorization from the court to seize all of the developer’s known assets in the United States. The seized property was to be auctioned off in order to cover the amount of the unpaid loan and interest that had been unpaid for about two decades.

Investigation in India Uncovers Fraud

A Gryphon client with a significant investment in an electronics manufacturer in India suspected the Indian firm was fabricating local revenues. We conducted surveillance of the company’s purported sales center and discreet interviews with suppliers.

Gryphon’s on-the-ground field work at the company’s sales and expo center demonstrated that photos the company had provided in its reports were fabricated; in fact, its sales center was still under construction. Interviews with third-party suppliers and former staff revealed the company’s India-based revenues were far lower than it had been reporting.

As a result of our investigation, our client was able to bring a claim against the company.

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