Depth of Experience Working Across a Variety of Complex Engagements

Gryphon has extensive experience providing investigative support and data analytics resources for national, state and local government agencies. Gryphon’s investigators and data scientists have worked across a variety of complex civil litigation matters including high-profile fraud and whistleblower cases, asset investigations and other complex engagements.

Both our investigative teams have expertise working alongside nonprofits to gather, analyze and interpret complex information and public data sets to equip our clients with the information necessary to advocate and advance public policy interests.

Case Studies

Whistleblower Case Leads to $500m+ Settlement with the Government

A whistleblower complaint alleged that a multinational conglomerate marketed its products through a massive pay-to-play scheme, in which the company paid kickbacks to third-party intermediaries to sell their products at the federal government’s expense. The outside counsel and the intervening government agency  asked Gryphon to identify and interview former employees and third-party intermediaries to help corroborate the allegations in the complaint.

Over a two-year period, Gryphon contacted 1,285 potential witnesses, and obtained 742 interviews, 100 of which were considered substantially relevant to the case. From these interviews, and working closely with the intervening government agency’s attorneys, Gryphon obtained 20 written witness declarations that supported the allegations.

Due to the overwhelming evidence, which included Gryphon’s witness declarations, the company settled with the government for over $500 million.

Implementing Compliance Metrics for Government Entities

Working closely alongside outside counsel and a state office of the attorney general, Gryphon worked to demonstrate that compliance requirements were not being fulfilled by certain companies that were selling products in the state that were considered a potential danger to public health.

After an intensive review of hundreds of documents, Gryphon identified algorithms that companies had developed in order to perform their internal compliance. We then recreated these metrics and implemented them on historical datasets that could have been available to the company at the time their metrics were active. The purpose of the investigation was to assess how the product volume that was identified by the companies’ compliance metrics compared to the product volume that could have been identified by the same metrics when implemented on the available data.

Our investigation found that the product volume that companies could have identified using the available data as being in violation of their own compliance algorithms was not equal to the product volume that they ultimately identified in their reporting.

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