Arming Clients with Intelligence to Capture Opportunity and Mitigate Risks Worldwide

Gryphon’s experienced and diverse teams provide a full range of services for multinational corporations, helping clients protect assets, identify risks, and capture opportunities across the globe. This includes pre-transaction due diligence prior to a merger and acquisition or joint venture, as well as in-depth background investigations ahead of a senior hire.

When companies are entering unfamiliar markets, Gryphon gathers strategic intelligence on market actors, local commercial and political priorities, and competitors to inform our clients’ engagement strategy. Following an investment in an emerging or frontier market, our political risk monitoring helps clients safeguard personnel and assets. Gryphon also works closely with in-house counsel on internal investigations into whistleblower claims, allegations of fraud, bribery and sanctions busting. We also investigate similar allegations made against our clients’ partner companies or suppliers, to ensure regulatory compliance across the supply chain.

Case Studies

Gryphon Provides Market Entry Support for Joint Venture in Morocco

A European-headquartered supply-chain automation company, with operations in North America, Latin America, Asia and Australia, was considering a joint venture with a Moroccan engineering company. The client had no prior experience in the region, but the potential partner came strongly recommended. To assist in its decision making, the board requested market entry support from Gryphon.

In support of the board’s market entry strategy, Gryphon’s assignment was twofold. The first was an in-depth political risk report on Morocco, including an analysis on the country’s foreign investment environment and a forecast of its short and medium-term trajectory.

The second part of the assignment was a complex due diligence investigation into the potential joint venture partner and its principals. We identified a single, vague reference to corruption charges against one of the principals in local Arabic-language media. Because of our knowledge of the local media landscape and the informed commentary we gathered from sources in Morocco, we were able to demonstrate that the publication in question was politicized and unreliable. Thus, our inquiries confirmed that no charges had actually been brought against the potential partner.

Our analysis and intelligence provided the client sufficient insight to feel comfortable entering this new market and completing the deal.

Investigation Discloses Shipment was Intended for a Sanctioned Country

Our client, a European technology company with operations in the US, was preparing to ship a large and valuable order to a client in sub-Saharan Africa. Our client grew suspicious that the product was destined for an alternative location, a nation that was under U.S. sanction. 

To determine the real destination for the client’s shipment, Gryphon was commissioned to conduct on-the-ground investigations both in the stated and suspected destination countries. Through public-records research and human source inquiries, we identified links between the individuals associated with the order and both countries.

Our investigation revealed a strong likelihood that the stated recipient was false, and that the shipment was actually headed to a sanctioned country. Armed with this information, the client was able to obtain a court order permitting it to refuse to ship the product.

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