Litigation Support & Investigations

Investigative Expertise for Complex Litigation

Success in litigation depends on a legal team’s ability to discover and leverage a broad set of reliable facts and evidence to support its case, such as obtaining key witness testimony, identifying hidden assets or highlighting conflicts of interest. Law firms and in-house counsel frequently rely on Gryphon for expert investigative services to support anticipated or ongoing litigation. Gryphon’s team is frequently asked to step in and identify critical information and evidence that cannot be obtained through the normal discovery process.

We work strategically with counsel, employing a thorough, consistent approach to our investigations. In all jurisdictions, Gryphon operates with the highest ethical standards, always within the law, and in accordance with any specific protocols and directions specified by the client. Our team collaborates across disciplines—we gather human intelligence while applying excellent research skills and data analytics resources—and engage our worldwide network of on-the-ground investigators to deliver powerful results.

Our team has extensive experience supporting a diversity of cases.

·     Class action and multidistrict litigation

·     Product liability

·     Commercial and contract disputes

·     Intellectual property

·     Internal fraud investigations

·     Securities fraud

·     FCPA and international arbitration

·     Whistleblower/FCA investigations

·     White-collar defense

·     Employment litigation

·     Government agency investigations

Support Throughout the Lifecycle of a Case

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Case Studies

Investigation Reveals Short Seller Grossly Exaggerated Report

In 2019, an NYSE-listed company purchased assets in Argentina and Jamaica for hundreds of millions of dollars. Following the acquisition, a short seller publicly alleged that the assets were grossly overinflated and company insiders were in fact undisclosed beneficiaries of the deals. Gryphon was retained to independently vet the short seller’s report and the condition of the acquired assets.

Gryphon’s research, field investigations in Argentina and Jamaica, and interviews with local contacts in multiple jurisdictions directly refuted the short seller’s report. Our work also demonstrated that the short seller had solicited interviews under false pretenses and manipulated information to comport with their thesis.

The valuable intelligence Gryphon investigators obtained enabled our client to make informed decisions about how to best represent shareholders’ interests.

Asset Investigation Yields Information Useful for Litigating Failure to Pay Claim

An international law firm engaged Gryphon to determine why a privately held U.S. company had not timely remitted payment to a creditor in China. Gryphon conducted a targeted asset investigation and an assessment of the U.S. company’s financial condition.

Our investigation uncovered information projecting the subject company’s income to be $50 million over a five-year period, which signified that the subject company had ample assets to pay its Chinese creditor. The investigation did however uncover issues pertaining to the company’s outlook, as the subject company derived a significant portion of its revenue from a federal program that was being revaluated by Congress.

The results of this investigation informed our client’s decision to initiate litigation immediately, given the uncertainty of the subject company’s financial outlook.

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