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Intelligence. Analytics. Power.

Leaders in the investigative and business intelligence fields, delivering powerful results that help clients gain an edge.

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Providing Insight
and Expertise Commentary

Learn why even though there will be more Madoffs and SBFs there doesn’t have to be more loss.

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Powering Clients
with Actionable Intelligence

Victoria will lead the expansion and growth of Gryphon’s London office, and will serve as a strategic advisor to Gryphon’s clients throughout the EMEA region.


Providing clients with the investigative consulting services necessary to make confident decisions


Featured insights and expert perspectives
on legal, financial, and corporate topics of interest


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We Work

  • Our Firm
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    have worked in

We Work

  • Our Firm
  • Countries we
    have worked in
Conducted Investigations in 100 V2
30 Years of Investigating Complex Cases
80 of revenue from tenured relationships


We’re a team of investigators and consultants, data scientists and analysts, specialists and country experts—all working to deliver actionable insight, powerful intelligence and industry leading analysis.

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