Global Strategic Advisory

Entering Unfamiliar, Opaque Markets Requires Strategic Intelligence, Data and Local Insight

Organizations looking to make a strategic move in unfamiliar or opaque foreign markets, need to consider many factors in their planning and decision making. Our corporate and investment clients engage us to provide an assessment of the political, economic and regulatory risk environment to inform board-level decisions.

Our client’s may also have questions on how best to position themselves in a new target market. Leveraging our in-country networks, we gather strategic intelligence on market actors and local commercial and political priorities. Our stakeholder and competitor mapping informs our clients’ engagement strategies with local authorities and industry players.

Following an investment in an emerging or frontier market, our political risk monitoring helps clients to safeguard personnel and assets. Gryphon’s ‘value-add’ is in the expert analysis of political and economic developments and the specific implications for the client’s operations. Our insight affords the maximum lead time to implement business continuity and contingency measures, minimizing disruption.

Providing strategic intelligence in support of market engagement

Global Strategic Advisory 2
Case Studies

Stakeholder and Competitor Mapping Enables Client to Make Informed Investment in Egypt

Our client, a UK-based private equity firm, was considering an investment in the Egyptian agricultural sector. The client had limited experience and no prior knowledge of agriculture in Egypt. It therefore requested stakeholder and competitor mapping, with a view to develop their understanding of the market and inform their local engagement strategy.

Utilizing our in-house expertise, supplemented by commentary from sources within the sector, we found that the Egyptian army’s influence in this sector had increased exponentially since the 2011 revolution and that foreign investment was welcome–so long as it supplemented rather than competed with the army’s economic interests. On this basis, Gryphon began to map the relevant army stakeholders, including economic committees relevant to this sector. We also identified the various bodies, ministries and political figures best positioned to support foreign investment.

The client was able to identify two potential investment targets and develop a clear local engagement strategy to advance its proposed investment.

Intelligence Saves Client Time and Resources in Infrastructure Bid in the Middle East

An Asia-headquartered client was considering participation in a major government infrastructure tender offer in one of the Gulf Arab States. The client sought intelligence on its competitors in the tender. It commissioned us to map the key local decision makers on the award of the tender and the government’s priorities in awarding the contract.

Through our in-country sources, we established that the government’s urgent priority was to attract U.S. political support for the country’s domestic and regional agenda. For that reason, we advised our client that several U.S. bidders identified in the course of competitor mapping were in a better position to win the contract. Our investigation further revealed that the successful bid would require a joint venture with a local partner and create significant local employment, which conflicted with our client’s investment plan.

On the basis of our findings, the client decided not to submit a bid for this tender, saving it significant time and resources.

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