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Challenges in LATAM associated with ESG and Chinese Companies
Companies around the world are faced with renewed pressure to have strong Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) performance in their operations.  Investors are increasingly placing sustainability at the center of their investment approach.  In LATAM companies are also experiencing these ESG pressures while, at the same time, competing with Chinese state-backed/owned companies which are not necessarily subject to the same burdens. The panel will discuss whether there could be an upcoming “clash” between the international ESG pressures, state’s interests…
Gryphon Announces it has Named Victoria Mackay as Partner in London and Acquired VLM Advisory
GRYPHON is excited to cement a long-standing partnership with VLM Advisory — Victoria Mackay, our new partner, will lead Gryphon’s London office and continue managing Gryphon’s Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) clients and casework. Victoria specializes in the provision of market entry political risk analysis, competitor intelligence, stakeholder mapping and complex due diligence, as well as litigation support work, including asset tracing. …
Managing Investigations and Litigation
Join Gryphon and Morvillo Abramowitz Grand Iason & Anello PC to explore the value of human intelligence gathering and witness development in litigation and cover the use of witnesses in affirmative defenses….
Best Practices in M&A Due Diligence and Closing Deals in the Covid Era
Panelists will explore the unique challenges of facilitating and completing deals in the Covid era without onsite due diligence; panelists will discuss how to manage meetings and negotiate terms and best practices for gathering intelligence ahead of a transaction….
Private Equity Loses its Shield as U.S. Cracks Down on Fraud
Private equity firms, particularly those acquiring companies in the health care sector that rely on tax payer dollars, are increasingly getting dragged into their companies legal liabilities, raising the need for increased due diligence on management teams ahead of a transaction….
The Woman Who Helped Protect Lincoln from the Men Who Tried To Kill Him in 1861
The Washington Post recently featured a profile on Kate Warne, the first female private investigator who went on to help protect President Lincoln. An unsung hero in the industry, at Gryphon we’re proud that women make up two-thirds of our staff and every practice group is led or co-led by a woman….
Brazil’s Recent Past a Challenge to Winning ESG Credibility
As investors continue to take issues of environmental, social and governance seriously, The Wall Street Journal reports on how Brazilian companies striving to attract global investors face challenges, because of the country’s recent history of corruption, inequality and deforestation….
SPACs Attack — A New Force is Invading Wall Street
Since investors backing SPACs put up their money months before an acquisition target is identified, trusting the people running the show to find a good deal is paramount. We at Gryphon perform comprehensive due diligence to ensure they have the ability to execute for our clients….
FBI Increasingly Probes for Corruption Overseas
The FBI continues to expand its international corruption unit teams to pursue those involved in crimes such as bribery, kleptocracy and antitrust. The Bureau’s Miami squad shows how they are enforcing the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act….

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