Gryphon’s global strategic advisory team has over two decades of government, international NGO and private sector experience. Their expertise and in country networks, combined with Gryphon’s investigative ability, allows Gryphon to help clients navigate complex engagements, identify business opportunities and mitigate risks in frontier and emerging markets.

  Market Entry Assessment

Each overseas engagement is unique and comes with its own set of challenges. When entering a new market, Gryphon works closely with each client to help guide strategic planning including: analyzing the investment and underlying business assumptions, regulatory and security climate, identifying local partners, conducting due diligence and determining a government relations strategy.

Bespoke Political Risk

With over 30 languages in house, and experience conducting investigations in over 100 countries, Gryphon delivers in-depth analysis of the political, economic, and regulatory environment relevant to each client. Together with short, medium, and long term forecasting, Gryphon’s analysis helps clients identify opportunities and make informed investment decisions.

Strategic Intelligence

Leveraging our in-country networks and dialog with niche practitioners, Gryphon gathers intelligence to fill any information gaps relating to a proposed investment, M&A, expansion/exit strategy, or contract tender. Gryphon offers investment-specific stakeholder and competitor mapping to enhance clients’ engagement strategies.

Complex Due Diligence

To supplement publicly available information, Gryphon undertakes discreet human source inquiries with a view to identify any operational, reputational, or political risks associated with a proposed investment or partnership. Source inquiries are particularly informative in jurisdictions where public records are limited such as Russia, Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and Asia.

Travel Advice and Safety

Gryphon offers travel advice and travel safety to family offices, corporations, high net worth individuals among others. Our consultations satisfy employers’ duty of care obligations to traveling employees and provides comfort through security awareness and cultural understanding to those traveling.




“Gryphon has done great work for me and my clients. They are very professional and responsive. Gryphon has been invested in the work, understood the goals of the litigation, and helped us achieve those goals.”
- Donald Pearce, Principal, Pearce Law Firm. Former prosecutor, Manhattan DA’s Office.


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