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When organizations are considering a senior-level hire, an investment opportunity, onboarding new clients and other key business opportunities, Gryphon’s experts provide them with the actionable intelligence they need to make confident decisions. We offer two levels of due diligence investigations:

Open Source Due Diligence

In jurisdictions around the globe, our investigators work alongside internal compliance, human resources and investment teams at financial institutions and corporations ahead of onboarding clients and partners, conducting pre-deal diligence and evaluating M&A transactions or IPOs.

Gryphon’s teams are experts in screening high-risk accounts and performing anti-money laundering (AML), Know Your Customer (KYC) and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) investigations. In instances where issues of potential concern are not fully or reliably documented in the public domain, we ‘get behind’ the reporting by gathering informed commentary from our network of trusted sources.

Human Intelligence Investigations

Hedge funds, private equity firms, investment banks and high-net worth individuals often require more complex due diligence investigations into potential investments or executive hires. These combine open source research with informed commentary discreetly gathered from individuals who are well-placed to comment on the subject(s) or company at length. There is particular demand for source inquiries in emerging and frontier markets, where little reliable information is available in the public domain.

Following an investment, clients often commission Gryphon to conduct due diligence monitoring on their partners and recent acquisitions to meet ongoing internal compliance requirements, safeguard their investments and minimize reputational and business risk.

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Case Studies

Pre-Hire Investigation of Executive Reveals Criminal Past

A longstanding corporate client planned to onboard a new executive and asked Gryphon to run a comprehensive background check on the executive just days prior to the new appointment.

Gryphon’s review of public sources uncovered several troubling records under a previously unknown alias. Further investigation determined that the individual had spent nearly a decade as a career felon. After several inquiries with law enforcement personnel, Gryphon obtained certified documentation of the individual’s criminal history, including his four-year stay in a state prison.

Gryphon’s findings immediately dissuaded our client from moving forward with the appointment.

Asset and Background Investigation Connects Brazilian Family

As part of a know-your-customer (KYC) program, an investment bank engaged Gryphon to investigate the assets and political connections of a wealthy Brazilian family to assess their connection to a FCPA scandal linked to a large multinational corporation.

Gryphon’s investigation disclosed that one family member had been sentenced to prison for paying bribes to government officials and submitting fraudulent bids to secure contracts on behalf of the multinational. Gryphon also developed a confidential source that provided copies of contracts showing that the Brazilian family planned to illegally compensate the multinational corporation for awarding contracts to a business controlled by the family, providing clear evidence of the family’s direct involvement in the FCPA scandal. 

As a result of our investigation, our client was able to avoid any reputational or business risks associated with doing business with this family. 

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