An activist investor with a minority stake in a US technology company asked Gryphon to investigate the chairman of the board, who the client felt was not fit to lead the company.  Our client commissioned us to find evidence and commentary to show that the chairman had similar leadership issues at previous companies.

A deep dive of the public record revealed that the chairman had been discharged or forced out of a number of companies he led before. Further investigation revealed that the subject had engaged in questionable business practices, such as overstating revenues, which led to a steep decline in the stock price of another company he ran and led to a number of civil litigation cases. During the investigation, we spoke to sources who corroborated adverse information identified in the public record. The sources offered further evidence of the chairman’s questionable management practices, including retaliation.

Armed with this intelligence, our client led a successful proxy fight, which ended with the client pushing the chairman out and installing an ally to lead the company.